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Winged tube Heat Exchanger unit made of aluminium tube material with integrated fin technology. Advantage of this heat exchanger coils are no clogging of fins which eliminate the requirement of frequent maintenance and saving in servicing cost. Also, fins are integral part of tube so no possibility of fin damages causing no restriction in air flow path

Conventional fin & tube type of heat exchangers get clogged easily with dusty environment and contaminants results into additional load on compressor & overheating of compressor motor causes sometimes failure of refrigeration system.

New innovative winged tube heat exchanger reduces coil blockages and accumulation of dirt on fin surface, keeping heat exchanger coils clean and letting the refrigeration system working efficiently, extending its working time and overall life of system

winged tube heat exchangers big


  • UL Approved
  • Aluminium alloy, so no galvanic corrosion
  • No brazing or fewer brazing joints, so beneficial for H2L refrigerants also
  • No clogging due to dust and contaminants
  • Easy to clean, low maintenance


Tube Diameter (mm) 8
Geometry Available in various pattern sizes