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Our commitment to quality is most exemplified by our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes. All machines including the dies and tools are manufactured by the best in the business. We have 10 fin lines and expanders integrated with brazing assembly & on-line leak testing chambers for flexible manufacturing in an area covering 12,000 sq. meters with 300 employees.

Fin Punching and Tube Bending

High speed fin presses are used to produce fins with precision dies and completely CNC based machines from USA & Japan to ensure high quality.

Expanding and Brazing

CNC based Servo Auto Expanders are used for expansion. Depending on the batch size and complexity, coils are brazed on an auto brazing machine or manually. Use of jigs and fixtures along with high quality brazing consumables ensures good quality and leak free joints.

Thermal De-greasing

Usage of oven furnace both before brazing and after Leak Testing prevents any oil and moisture residue within the coil.

Leak Detection

State-of-the-art Helium Leak Testing equipment used to detect even the minute leak.


All products are shipped in IPPC approved packaging with bar coding solutions.

Sheet Metal Shop

Latest CNC AMADA turret press and press brakes are used to produce complex tube sheets and components to manufacture complete assemblies.