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More than just manufacturing as per customer specifications, we also bring to you the services of our team of Engineering Design specialists. The team is one of the key reasons behind our technical excellence and the main driver behind our Value Engineering initiative.

Our engineers have expertise in Heat Transfer Technology to offer efficient Coil designs using Coil Simulation Software which has evolved over the years from experience with product testing externally & internally. Regular usage of PDM systems and tools by the team ensures complete integrity of our Product data at all times.

With over 120 man years of total experience and expertise in design and manufacture of HVAC and Refrigeration system components, the team gives us the edge that allows us to truly deliver world class products.

Main functions of the team includes

  • New Product Development from basic principles includes:
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Condenser Coils
  • Heater/ Radiator Coils
  • Oil Coolers
  • Direct Replacement Heat Exchanger Coils
  • Value Engineering

Additionally, we provide Value Added Services to our customers which include

  • Simplification of existing products
  • Design changes including resizing to reduce footprint without compromising on capacity
  • Appropriate material selection
  • Cost savings without affecting performance

With dozens of successful projects under their belt the team has proven itself many times over. A further testimony of the team’s acumen is the innovative fin geometries that they have developed - such as the Tsunami Fin pattern and the Green Fin pattern- that have significantly improved efficiency or decreased usage of refrigerant thereby reducing costs.


Engineering & Applications