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Commercial and Residential Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a source of heat to what is called a thermal reservoir. Heat pumps move thermal energy in the opposite direction of spontaneous heat transfer, by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one. Heat pumps can be used either in heating mode or cooling mode Heat pumps are used to heat domestic hot water, the hot water used for kitchens, bathrooms, clothes washers, etc.

Commercial and Residential HVAC

HVAC is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. It is an important part of residential structures such as single-family homes, apartment buildings, hotels, medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and hospitals

Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

Refrigeration is the process involving a reduction in the temperature of fluids or bodies in general. Specifically, it is used for temporary storage of perishable goods, at temperatures down to -60 °C. The main appliances used in commercial and industrial refrigeration for food preservation are: Cold rooms; Supermarket showcases; Showcases in patisseries, bar, ice-cream parlors, Refrigerators for pharmaceutical products

Food Service Equipment

Food service refrigeration equipment ensures food quality from source to consumer with wide variety of refrigeration and freezing applications. Applications include Glass Door Merchandisers, Ice Cream Machines, Ice Making Machines, and Milk Cooling Tanks


Air conditioning equipment will reduce the absolute humidity of the air processed by the system if the surface of the evaporator coil is significantly cooler than the dewpoint of the surrounding air. Moisture from the air will condense on the coil and must be disposed of or recycled

Mobile HVAC

Mobile HVAC systems use air conditioning to cool or heat the air in a vehicle The mobile HVAC system’s main duty is to provide driver and passenger temperature comfort and to provide the required cab dehumidification during hot, high-humidity weather without failure due to device cooling capability, all while still allowing safe vehicle operation

Transport Refrigeration

Maintaining a constant temperature for refrigerated and frozen goods during transit – guaranteeing the safety and quality of your foodstuffs. This including refrigerator solutions for trucks, trailers, vans, reefer containers, and bus & train air conditioning that meet these requirements

Heat Pump Appliances

Tumble dryer, is a powered household appliance that is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing, bedding, and other textiles, usually shortly after they are washed in a washing machine

Precision Air-conditioning

Precision air conditioning controls the ambient environment by providing constant temperature and humidity conditions to costly and sensitive sophisticated electronic equipment’s throughout the year

Process Chillers

A process chiller is a refrigeration system using halocarbon or ammonia refrigerants that provide cooling for a process or industrial application. Process chillers are used in a variety of industrial applications: Plastics Industry, Baking Industry, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Printing Industry


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