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Our products find applications in diverse fields and have reached almost every corner of the globe.

So much so, that wherever you may be, if there is a refrigeration system operational near you, chances are that it has a heat exchanger manufactured by us, saving energy and quietly making your life better!


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Our Employees are 100% Vaccinated


Innovation is the true test of expertise. Time and again Indus has pioneered products that dramatically increase efficiency and decrease costs. Our innovations such as the Tsunami Fin design are testament to the design team's acumen. With 8-12% greater efficiency than regular corrugated fins, Tsunami Fin pattern also reduces energy consumption and space.


There are no short cuts to doing quality work. It’s a comprehensive process and a way of life at Indus. And with reliability being the most important attribute of any engineering product, quality control and assurance is one of the most important and rigorously carried out aspect of our operations, from employee training, raw material and component sourcing to manufacturing and post delivery product maintenance.

Green Technology

Smaller tube diameter coils with Tsunami fins. The 5mm ‘Micro Tube’ and 6.35mm tube with Green Fin Tsunami patterns are among the major additions by Indus and provide greater environment sustainability by reducing consumption of nonferrous metals and as a result, substantial reduction in refrigerant charge, thereby saving energy and most importantly reducing CO emissions & carbon 2 footprint.

Indus Team

Indus team combines years of experience with a passion for engineering and a wealth of knowledge and practical know-how. Our belief in structured processes is reflected in the effective management structure that has been put in place.

This enables us to greatly streamline our operations and gives you constant improvement in product design and manufacturing quality.