Our Customer, a major kitchen appliance manufacturer in USA, approached us to develop fractional Hp(horse power) air cooled condensers for their condensing units.
Indus designed these fractional Hp mini air cooled condensers for their 1/5 to 1/3 Hp condensing unit applications. The air cooled condenser consisted of condenser coil, fan blade, motor, motor mounting arrangement and the shroud. Two models were designed. A 2 row condenser coil for 1/5 Hp condensing units and a 3 row condenser coil suitable for 1/4 and 1/3 Hp condensing units
Special Feature:
The motors and condenser coils selected were UL recognized

With the special grill guard and bracket design, there were many options provided.
  • The motor could be base mounted.
  • Square shaded ‘Q’ motors could be grill guard mounted.
  • Unit bearing motors could be mounted in place of the ‘Q’ motors.

The unique design provided the flexibilty of using a ‘Q’ motor or a Unit Bearing motor during replacement/ maintainance.