• All aluminium coils offering same capacity as CU-AL coils.
  • Tsunami fins offering 5 – 12 % higher capacity than corrugated fins.
  • Tin plated copper tubes for corrosive surroundings.
  • I-Coat protective coating against corrosion and food protection.
  • Coils for CO2 and R-290.


Manufacturing Technology

  • Conveyrised auto brazing facility for Aluminium coils.
  • Conveyrised auto brazing facility for CU tube and AL fin coils.
  • Amada turret pressed for that metal parts
  • Shroud manufacturing machine.
  • Helium chamber with 1gm /year leakage rate capability.


New Technology

         Our “MINI TUBE” 5 mm Coils with Tsunami fins is equipped with 5 fpi or 5mm fin spacing, especially suitable for Refrigeration and CO2 Trans critical systems.  Our 5mm coil  is Less Expensive, has Higher Efficiency & Capacity, Energy Saving, Less Refrigerant Charge and Compact thus  Space Saving. It has the most efficient fin design including unique Louvered fins and is versatile as it can be used in Commercial Aircon, Heat pumps, Refrigeration and Mobile HVAC.




Air Purification Systems
As exclusive representatives of Canada’s Circulaire, Indus brings to India, a wide range of Air Purification Systems capable of taking on the toughest of environments. These EIL approved systems use “ more