Our commitment to quality is most exemplified by our state of the art manufacturing facilities and processes. All our machines including the dies and tools are manufactured by the best in the business, and the average age of all equipment is less than ten years. A non-stop preventive maintenance program ensures that all our tools and equipment stay in peak condition at all times. We have an installed capacity to manufacture over 3+ million coils a year and our manufacturing facilities cover over 12,000 sq meters and employ over 250 people.

Fin Punching and Hair Pin Bending: Fin machines and Hairpin bending machines along with our dies and tools have been manufactured by reputed international manufacturers such as Burr-Oak, Hidaka and Kyori and are completely CNC based. Ensuring a high quality of fins punched and hair pins bent.

Expanding: For expansion we mainly use pneumatic CNC based Auto Expanders.

Brazing is done both manually and using Auto Brazing Machines. For large volume products, we employ Auto Brazers while small volume or products with complex circuits undergo manual brazing. Our braziers are regularly trained to employ correct brazing techniques. Constant use of jigs and fixtures along with high quality brazing flux and brazing torch ensures good quality and leak free joints and maintains correct dimensions at all times.

Furnace: Usage of oven furnace both before brazing and after Leak Testing prevents any oil residue or moisture residue within the coil.

Leak Detection: We take any kinds of leak very seriously. Leak Detection Testing is therefore a very comprehensive exercise at Indus. We use state of art Helium Leak Testing equipment for this purpose and even the minute leak is detected by this method. Our operators are well trained in using these techniques.

Packing: We ensure our packing is robust, optimum and can withstand any container travel by ship or air to any destination in the world. Our packing is IPPC approved and we provide bar coding solutions for all our packing.

We have the ability to manufacture a range of fin patterns and geometries for wide ranging applications and for a diversified base of customers in the HVAC&R and automotive industries. Some of the patterns available with us are given below A wide variety of tooling ensures we can provide solutions across different fin geometries.

Additionally we have a sheet metal fabrication facilities with the latest CNC Machines including Turret Press and Press brakes that enables us to manufacture complete assemblies.

Air Cooled Condenser
Indus offers Air Cooled Condenser Models in Horizontal and Vertical V constructions; in addition a number of constructional options are available to suit varied requirements. The fans are mounted on external rotor motors, with the flexibility of using normal AC motors or energy saving EC motors. more