Pioneers in automotive AC systems in India, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of coils and other components to the HVAC & Refrigeration industry.

Solely on the basis of outstanding service and impeccable quality we have created and nurtured long standing relationships with leading OEM’s worldwide. Our products find applications in a diverse range of fields and have reached almost every corner of the globe. So much so, that wherever you may find yourself, if there is a refrigeration system running near you, chances are that it has a heat exchanger manufactured by us; quietly making your life better.

With a focus on innovation and problem solving, we strive to create an organization that exceeds customer expectations on every parameter of service and quality and provides our employees with a fulfilling and challenging work environment.

Air Cooled Condenser
Indus offers Air Cooled Condenser Models in Horizontal and Vertical V constructions; in addition a number of constructional options are available to suit varied requirements. The fans are mounted on external rotor motors, with the flexibility of using normal AC motors or energy saving EC motors.