Innovation is the true test of expertise, and time and again Indus has pioneered products that have dramatically increased equipment efficiency and decreased product cost.

Testament to our design team’s acumen, are our innovations such as the extremely successful Tsunami Fin design. With over 8 to 12 % greater transfer efficiency than regular corrugated fins, the Tsunami Fin pattern also removes the problem of clogging and dirt chafing over a period of time that plagues lanced or louvered fins.

These are just a few examples of our design team’s prowess, every day they work closely with our customers and partners to solve complex design and engineering problems ensuring that when you work with Indus, you get nothing less than the most optimal solution.

Air Cooled Condenser
Indus offers Air Cooled Condenser Models in Horizontal and Vertical V constructions; in addition a number of constructional options are available to suit varied requirements. The fans are mounted on external rotor motors, with the flexibility of using normal AC motors or energy saving EC motors. more